About Our Training


Develop and support a comprehensive training program that builds on the individuals core strengths and improves their overall managerial effectiveness to operate our restaurants.


Enable flawless execution of restaurant operations with training that is simple and easy to execute. Apex offers a blended learning approach to development by utilizing classroom, on-the-job applications, self-learning, life-work credits and e-learning. All of our core programming, known as Developing Champions, is college accredited. Additional 'elective' courses are offered to balance individual development plans.

Developing Champions


  • Build People Capability
  • Improve Balances Scorecard Results
  • Drive Customer Mania

What Is Developing Champions?

  • Training that reinforces Balanced Scorecard, Resource Library Information, How We Work Together Principles, Customer Mania, C.H.A.M.P.S. and CHAMPS Excellence Review.
  • A modular training system that builds people capability from Team Member to Store Manager to Area Manger.
  • Technical training (completed in the restaurant.)
  • Leadership skills training (conducted in the classroom.)
  • A certification process that predicts on-the-job performance

How? With Training That Is:

  • Targeted for core training
  • Flexible enough to be used for development
  • Focused on work performance vs. job titles
  • Designed to increase trainees